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Responding to audience needs to emerge as an empathetic partner

Discover how I quickly deployed a content marketing campaign to help Global Payments customers pivot during a challenging time.

In 2020, the COVID-19 health crisis changed commerce virtually overnight. Without warning, businesses were forced to find new, innovative ways to reach their customers in order to stay afloat.


I led the content marketing team to create a compelling messaging strategy and related content assets to educate businesses about the payment technology and business tools they could implement to stay connected to their customers during an unprecedented time.

Our "no-contact commerce" campaign was born. From a COVID-19 Resource Center on the website, to a comprehensive, downloadable No-Contact Commerce Guide, seven articles in just two months and email campaigns, my team effectively created content that helped businesses expand into new commerce channels to reach their customers. Six hundred thirty people downloaded the “No-Contact Commerce Guide” in a 3 month period with absolutely no paid spend.

Nearly a year later, this content marketing effort has contributed to helping thousands of businesses survive one of the most tumultuous economic environments in history. And now with more tools in their toolkit, these businesses are better positioned to grow and anticipate their customers' needs even when the challenges of COVID-19 are in the rearview.  

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