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Championing your bold moves

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Are you ready to define your own path and live your dream life? The Bold Moves Podcast Club will empower you to take bold action on your dreams. 

No one said being bold was easy–so we're going at it together!

I share lessons in my Bold Moves journey and what we can learn from my podcast guests about being bold. It's a dose of inspiration and a big high five every month to empower and support you in your Bold Moves that you'll only find here in the Podcast Club.

You'll also be the first to receive exclusive offers to connect, learn, and grow with fellow Bold Move community members, i
ncluding an invitation to join an online meetup and accountability group, and even participate in Bold Move dinners in a city near you!

I've got a lot of plans for the Bold Moves Podcast Club–I hope you're in for the ride. Together, we'll build the life we truly desire, one bold move at a time.

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For those who dare to dream

Welcome to the corner of the internet devoted to helping you be bold. 


I started the Bold Moves: How Did You Know? podcast to inspire you to take BOLD action to pursue your greatest dreams. It’s based on a hypothesis and a premise. The hypothesis? That people feel a deeper sense of life fulfillment and satisfaction when they make bold moves. The premise? That most people who have big dreams don’t know where—or how—to start.


Through the podcast, I’m introducing you to normal people with extraordinary lives who can expand your vision of what’s possible. They’re curious, courageous, decisive, and unafraid to test out the waters to move closer to their dreams. You’ll learn that chasing your dreams is a series of mini actions that all add up to living a life by your own design. Along the way, I also talk to experts who will help you discover more about yourself. Because with more inner knowing, you’re able to define your purpose leading you to your greatest dreams.


Ultimately, being bold is different for everyone—and by the way, it’s not always about a grand pursuit, it can be a small, but meaningful, step too. 


Here, you’ll find a host of resources to help you explore the concept of what being bold means to you and practice building the traits of bold people so you can start living the life that is most meaningful to you. 



Kristen Rocco

Britney Kensmoe (2).jpg
Aneta Kuzma Founder of Ardelian  Kuzma Group
Eileen standing 2 (1).jpg
Seth Ruggles Hiler
Nick Powills

Bold Moves books

A book list to help you embrace and practice a bold moves mindset.

Bold inspiration from podcast guests and thought leaders

Natalie Greenwood
Amy Shoenthal.jpeg
Marla Albertie.jpeg
Louis Herron

“When a mistake happens, don't beat yourself up. You didn't have all the information. But now how do you solve for that problem and move on and continue to make those bold moves? Don't let that stop you from making your next bold move. Just step back and take stock of what's happened, and try not to repeat that.” ~Natalie Greenwood, Senior Principal Advisor, Informatica, episode 16

"Consistency is a superpower and motivation is the biggest driver of success." ~Amy Shoenthal, Author of "The Setback Cycle" (March 2024), Journalist, Entrepreneur, episode 14

"You are with you 24/7 so you have to love yourself, understand who you are, and that journey is never going to stop." ~Marla Albertie, Founder of TruthSpeaksGroup and Certified Career, Executive, and Life Coach, ep.15

"Giving ourselves the permission to be bold in a way that is bold for us is the best beauty. Being bold in my actions without comparison has allowed me to embrace what being bold is for me." ~Britney Kensmoe, Realtor + Entrepreneur. episode 13

“Being bold is listening to that inner voice that holds the truth and knowledge and choosing to take action on it.” ~Aneta Kuzma, Transformational Coach, episode 5

“It’s amazing how little what I do has to do with fashion. It’s about helping women find their brand and giving them the tools they need to be able to use that brand to achieve success. Whatever success looks like for them.” ~Eileen Nebhut, Founder of Venus Rising, episode 17

“Self-doubt comes into play for artists quite a bit and the remedy for that is discipline. It’s in the work, once it gets going and building, that’s the momentum. You have to start and you can only start if you step up to the easel.” ~Seth Ruggles Hiler, Artist, episode 18 

“I like to encourage people to look at the 'no's' in a different light.” ~Nick Powills, CEO of Mainland, episode 8

"Where you find fear is an important place to look for personal growth and development. Going up against scary decisions and life changes, the courage comes after you confront those things."  ~Louis Herron, Founder of The Desert Hiking Group, episode 9

"It's not that our dreams aren't possible. It's that we don't dream big enough." ~Serena Sacks-Mandel, CTO of Education at Microsoft, episode 11

"A leader without followers is just someone going for a walk. People know if you have confidence in yourself and if you don't have confidence in yourself, you can’t expect others have confidence in you." ~Connie Collingsworth, Senior Advisor of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, episode 12

Serena Sacks-Mandel Headshot 2023 1.jpg

I Love Me More: How to Find Happiness and Success through Self-Love by Jenna Banks

The Setback Cycle: How Defining Moments Can Move Us Forward by Amy Shoenthal

The Ultimate Brag Book about Yourself by Marla Albertie

Energy Leadership by Bruce Schneider

Two Weeks Notice by Amy Porterfield

Live the Width of Your Life by Aneta Ardenlian Kuzma

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Connie Collingsworth, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
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