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Breakthrough to Bold

Learn how to make your next bold move inside the Bold Moves Podcast Club!

Do you feel stuck personally or professionally? You're not alone. 75%* of people report feeling this way. Here's why:


  • You’re not where you want to be

  • You’re not energized by your work or daily life 

  • You have a dream, but you’ve been putting it off or you’re not sure how to take the steps to get there


After interviewing over 20 leaders about how they made bold moves to build a life on their terms on my podcast, “Bold Moves: How Did You Know," I created a framework for how to make bold moves. I call it the Bold Moves Recipe. 


The Bold Moves Recipe helps you:

  • Move beyond complacency and get unstuck

  • Discover your authentic desires

  • Define your next bold move 

  • Take action on your goals and dreams to create a life on your terms


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*Oracle and Workplace Intelligence study

No One Said Being Bold Is Easy–So We're Going at it Together

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Behind the Mic

Hey there, I’m Kristen Rocco, host of the "Bold Moves: How Did You Know" podcast. I started the podcast to inspire us to make bold moves. I'm turning all the insights we learn on my podcast into actionable lessons we can apply to our bold moves that I only share inside the Podcast Club. 


I have some experience making bold moves myself! I'm the founder of Bold & Noteworthy Marketing, a fractional content marketing consulting business, and a love storytelling company called Love Notery. I have made bold moves in my personal life too like moving to Spain without knowing a single soul.

I can't wait to meet you inside the Podcast Club! See you there.

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