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Supercharge your growth with a  fractional content marketing strategist

Leaner teams, tighter budgets, missing skillsets. It's the reality of business. Don't let these challenges stop you from growing.

Is your marketing team on the smaller side and your content marketing team even smaller? You want to generate better results and experiment with new ideas, but to do that you need to augment your team. 

Are you a startup whose ready to scale to attract new customers and differentiate from the competition, but you're missing the critical content marketing function to power your growth?

Is your marketing agency growing fast and you need to expand your team quickly to support your clients–with strategic expertise and flawless hands-on execution?


Do you have a new leadership team with a new approach and your existing content strategy is now outdated? It needs a refresh and a supporting plan to align with the new corporate strategy.

That's where I come in–to take you to your next level of growth

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Kristen Rocco and her dog, Pudge

"Kristen's achievements include up-leveling the blog channel, a rapid pivot of our content in response to COVID that helped us emerge as an empathetic partner with a voice in the industry as well as integrating our owned channels and the launch of Payments in Focus. Kristen is constantly looking across the business and the team to recognize opportunities, pursuing the right ones with that can-do attitude."

-Maureen Schumacher, EVP & CMO at Global Payments, a Fortune 500 technology company

A fractional content marketing strategist is a senior-level content marketing consultant who helps fill a gap on your team with their deep domain expertise.

You’ll want to contract a fractional content strategist when you need a strategic partner to unleash content marketing as your growth engine. They can help with strategic planning, prioritization, goal-setting, decision-making, audience development and distribution and content creation. 

With 15 years of experience in content strategy, creation, storytelling, and managing owned, earned and paid channels, I (Kristen Rocco) have a wide range of capabilities to support your team to achieve–and exceed–your goals.


I’ve worked for companies of all sizes and industries, building and scaling content for every stage of growth. I’ve also launched my own company and used a content marketing approach to reach my target audience and generate revenue.

Put my experience to work for you and start supercharging your growth today.


  • Grow brand awareness and attract your ideal customers 

  • Nurture and build an authentic relationship with your audience 

  • Generate leads for your business

  • Establish an ownable thought leadership platform and grow your market presence

Ready to start?

Let’s make content work for your business. Get in touch to schedule a discovery call. We'll chat about your goals, your needs and where you can use an extra pair of hands.

Thanks for getting in touch!
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