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Supercharge Your Growth with Fractional Content Marketing

Senior-level talent experience and expertise at a fraction of the time and cost of a full-time employee.

Why Fractional Content Marketing?

Fractional content marketing: helps brands flexibly, effectively, and cost-efficiently craft strategy and develop content that builds audience connections and deepens their relationships with your brand.

A fractional head of content is a senior-level content marketing consultant who helps fill a leadership gap on your team with their deep domain expertise. This is an outsourced hire who can embed within your team for as much or as little time as you need to achieve your goals.

A fractional head of content can lead content strategy development, strategic planning, prioritization, goal-setting, content distribution, content operations, editorial direction and oversight, technology selection and implementation, and team management–with a focus on delivering results. 

Content leadership, on demand

Hi, I'm Kristen Rocco. With 16 years of experience in content strategy, content creation, storytelling, building and leading content teams and functions, and managing owned, earned, and paid channels, I've pivoted to fractional content marketing, consulting organizations on becoming content brands, where you build and grow a revenue-generating content engine to support your goals.


I’ve worked for companies of all sizes and industries, building and scaling content for every stage of growth. I’ve also launched my own company and leveraged content marketing to engage my target audience and generate revenue.

As your fractional head of content, my focus is on supercharging your growth with an audience-led content strategy and skilled leadership to implement plans and processes and run a high-performing content team.


amount of more leads content marketing generates than traditional marketing, per dollar spent


of people appreciate learning about a company through content


of consumers feel closer to a company as a result of content marketing

Content marketing leadership in action

Driving growth at a Fortune 500 tech company

With content marketing replacing the typical sales model as the silent salesperson, a Fortune 500 technology company recognized the need to prioritize content marketing as part of its overall marketing strategy and hired me to pave the way.

Paying at the Store

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