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Bold & Noteworthy Content, Delivered 

As your fractional head of content, I'll partner with you to build an audience-led content engine that makes your audience sit up straighter, lean in, pay attention, and do something. 


Mediocre content: Your audience reads your headline and skims the rest.


Great content: Your audience comments with their take on your POV. Then, they take the next action to discover more about your brand. Loving what they learn, they become a subscriber and consistently engage with your content because what you say transforms their world. 


Let’s make it possible for your audience to experience ‘aha’s’ when they read, watch, and listen to your content. 


fractional head of content

Content leadership

Are you…


  • Building a content function from the ground up? 

  • Creating a content center of excellence for a large organization or global brand? 

  • Launching new products or solutions and need to make sure it connects to your audiences’ needs, preferences, and expectations? 

  • A startup ready to scale and attract new customers but missing the content to power your growth?

  • Do you have a new leadership team with a new approach and your existing content strategy is now outdated? 


Consult with me as your content marketing thought partner to assist with audience-led content strategy, goal-setting, prioritization, content distribution, content operations, editorial direction and oversight, technology selection and implementation, and team management. 


You can also tag me in to lead and train your content team (in-house or freelancers) and execute the strategies I create.


content strategy

Short-term engagement, long-term results

Content marketing drives results. It converts customers. It gets someone to click download, sign up, learn more and buy now. It evokes emotion. It raises awareness. It makes your brand memorable.


It’s the bread and butter of marketing your business. 


Content is my zone of genius. I’ve created a proven formula to create a winning audience-led content strategy for any business. I’ll design a custom content strategy for your business–or update your existing one–to help supercharge your growth.


Here's how I can help.



I’ll conduct a content audit and gap analysis, gather audience insights, define the user journey and complete competitor research.



I’ll help define your unique value, find the competitive white space, create differentiated pillars and your content mission.



Creating content is only half the battle. You’ll need to get your content in front of your dream audiences. For that, I’ll analyze your existing channels and recommend which channels contribute to your greatest growth and conversion opportunities.



I’ll curate a measurement plan to ensure your content meets your objectives.



I’ll develop your 6-month editorial calendar, suggest creative content ideas, provide SEO keyword research and advise on content optimizations to keep your strategy sound–long after I’m out of the picture.

Company Lobby

brand storytelling

Build your brand story

Your target customers are more likely to buy from your brand when they believe in what you’re doing. It starts with your why. When your audience connects with why you do what you do, you’re closer to the sale.

First, we’ll discuss the origin of your business, the problem you solve and the audience you serve. From there, I’ll craft a brand story that engages your dream customers. Then we’ll strategize on how and where to use your brand story to build connection and trust with your audience.​


The impact 

  • Give your audience a reason to root for you

  • Stand out from your competitors 

  • Inspire your audience with the impact you’re making

Team Meeting

strategic website content creation

Copy that converts

Websites become outdated fast. You introduce new solutions. You expand into new markets. You realize your website is brochure-style and doesn’t support a digital path to purchase. Your brand has evolved. 


All of these factors require updates to your website. Maybe you’ve been making these on your own and now the website lacks clarity, a cohesive customer journey, and your brand tone of voice that makes you, you. 


I refresh websites to support the customer journey–from soup to nuts. Does yours need a rework in 2024?


  • Navigation updates

  • Brand and solution message mapping

  • SEO research and direction, meta titles and descriptions

  • Audience-focused storytelling using AIDA copywriting

  • Page structure updates

  • Technical and functional analysis

  • Content to design and CMS review

integrated campaign messaging

Land your campaign

Compelling campaign messaging engages your target audience and inspires them to take action. I'll craft the messaging strategy and drill down by channel to make sure your campaign is consistent and connected everywhere. For a 360° impact. 

  • Message development for campaigns of all kinds: Product launches, brand, direct response, public relations, social media, seasonal, email. You name it; I’ll conceptualize it.

  • Copy for every channel: Web, email, social, PR, video, webinar, blog, PPC and display ads, sponsored content and more. 

  • In your distinct brand voice​

Smiling Woman

executive thought leadership

Build your professional brand

You’re an inspiring leader who brings unique insight to a number of issues. People want to hear your point of view. But they don’t want to be bored; They want to be entertained. And there’s a trick to make what you say more relevant to your audience. 


It’s storytelling. It’s using proven storytelling techniques to captivate your audience. 


Let’s partner up to transform your expertise into effective thought leadership that inspires people to stop the scroll and lean into what you’ve got to say. It’ll elevate your professional brand, and have a positive halo effect on your company. 


  • Ghostwriting

  • Presentations & speeches​

  • Bylined articles

  • Social presence

  • And more

Green Typewriter

content creation

Words matter. Make them count.

Do your words need to pack a bigger punch? I'll deliver Bold & Noteworthy content that attracts, engages and converts your ideal customers or audiences.

  • Websites and landing pages

  • Blog bundles

  • PR pitches & press releases

  • Presentations & speeches​

  • Product copy

  • Ghostwriting

  • Sponsored content

  • Bylined articles

  • Thought leadership

  • Whatever you've got, I'm on the job! 

Daya Nair, Director,
Global Web Strategy & Optimization

Kristen is one of the smartest, most strategic content marketing leaders I have worked with. 


She is extremely passionate and dedicated to her craft and her writing is an absolute joy. In a digital world, where there is so much content coming at you, Kristen shines at telling a strategic story while making the content stand out and valuable. She is a top performer, detail oriented, a great collaborator and an idea engine. If you are thinking of hiring Kristen, do it! She’s an absolute rock star!

Paper Fold
Nilce Piccinini,
Director, Corporate Communications

I had the opportunity to work on Kristen's team and she can move mountains!


In a short time, we saw impressive results from a new content strategy she put in place and from the PR program she leveraged to its fullest. She's got a passion for creating compelling content, an exceptional work ethic and sets a great example for the team. Where Kristen goes, creative content will follow.

Sonya Lehner,
Senior Content Marketing Manager

In the year and a half I worked under Kristen at Global Payments, I was impressed by her ability to juggle the dueling demands of setting the overall content strategy and getting it all executed.


She excels as both a thinker and doer, all while managing a highly productive team. As a manager, Kristen prioritizes individual empowerment and defers to her employees’ expertise with enthusiasm and transparency. Any organization would be lucky to have her!

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