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Branding a milestone to claim market leadership

Learn how I created an integrated brand campaign to promote InComm’s 25th anniversary.

InComm, a prepaid products and payments technology company headquartered in Atlanta, had become the 800-pound gorilla in financial technology that you never knew existed. It had grown organically through key partnerships and pure market demand, but now, after 25 years, it was time to publicly raise its profile and claim market leadership.


With its 25th year on the horizon, I devised a multi-faceted brand campaign to promote InComm’s legacy of innovation and vision for the path forward.


  • A video interview with InComm’s President Phil Graves recounting the last 25 years of InComm’s history, its ground-breaking achievements and where the company is headed over the next 25 years. This video became the third most viewed in the company’s history after only one month.

  • A blog series called “InComm’s Greatest Hits” which goes through InComm’s history in eras we called “The Cassette Years,” “The Compact Disc Years” and “The Playlist Years.” These compelling blog posts discussed the major accomplishments in each time frame and pushed the blog page from 94th most visited page the month prior of launch to 16.


  • A profile in Delta’s Sky Magazine, which featured President Phil Graves as an innovator and highlighted InComm’s esteemed mark on the financial technology industry. This feature reached a captive audience of millions worldwide.


  • Website integration. I directed the design team to create a branded look and feel for InComm’s 25th anniversary. 


  • Five weekly newsletter takeovers of our industry’s most prominent publication including four ad spots and a sponsor message of gratitude. I negotiated this advertising into the price of our existing contract and therefore, it did not cost the company any additional budget.


  • A global anniversary party with cakes and balloons to celebrate. Employees from across InComm’s 26 offices shared in on this special moment and spread the word across social media.


The campaign was a raging success. It educated our target audiences on our history of innovation and positioned us as the market leader of prepaid and payment technology. 

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