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Bold Moves: Curiosity Conversations about the Bold Moves People Take to Define Their Paths

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Podcast Bold Moves: How Did You Know?

I have a hypothesis.

My hypothesis is that people feel a deeper sense of life fulfillment and satisfaction when they make a "bold move."

What do I mean by a bold move? It's when someone perceives their intended action to be a risk and they take that action anyway. Here are some examples. Starting a new business. Going for the stretch job. Moving to another country. Pursuing a dream. Advocating for change. Overcoming a fear. Traveling alone. Hiking Mount Everest. Giving your own version of a TED talk.

I believe there are two traits that motivate people to take bold moves in their lives: decisiveness and courage.

When people master these two traits, they have a bias toward action, regularly push themselves outside of their comfort zones, take chances, pursue their dreams and seize new opportunities. They exude confidence.

And they don't let anything hold them back.

They're decisive in spite of uncertainty. In spite of perfection. In spite of being wrong. In spite of the unpopular opinion.

They're courageous in spite of fear. In spite of failure. In spite of vulnerability.

I want to inspire you to take more bold moves in your business and life so I'm launching the podcast, Bold Moves: How Did You Know? In these podcast episodes, you'll learn the bold moves people have taken to define their paths, the stories that propelled my guests from curiosity to action. And I'll underscore the traits and behaviors it took for these leaders to go from an initial idea to actually going for it. And together, we'll see if my hypothesis is right.

Does taking bold moves help you feel fulfilled and satisfied?

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To your Bold Moves,

Kristen Rocco


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