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Bold & Noteworthy 

Content Brand

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Build a Brand Worth Knowing to Customers Who Can't Get Enough

bold: standing out prominently


note·wor·thy: worthy of or attracting attention especially because of some special excellence


Imagine a world where your audience is excited to get your emails, eager to comment on your social posts, and compelled to leave a review. 

It happens for many brands, so why not you? 

You just haven’t had the right content strategy. 


🤔 You haven’t been clear enough on your audiences’ needs and pain points so you end up with unoriginal, uninspired content.


🤔 You’ve spent too much time trying to one-up your competition's content to realize that you’re all just saying the same thing.


🤔 You’ve implemented a keyword-led content strategy to drive traffic, but what you didn't know was that you also need resonance.  


🤔 You’ve fallen into the listicles and “how to” content traps.

These techniques used to work. But times have changed – again. And now your content strategy needs tweaking to become...


A brand worth knowing to customers who can't get enough. 

Content brands are leaders of good ideas, new insights, and expert opinions. They produce distinct, differentiated content with ideas so refreshing that their audience naturally pays attention and engages with them. 

If your content makes the 'aha' light go off for your audience every time you publish something, you won't have to fight for awareness or engagement. Your audience will already be paying attention and ready to take action. 

They'll be excited to open your emails, reply to your social posts, and more than happy to leave a review.

Ready to become a Bold & Noteworthy content brand?

Infuse Your Content with a Bucket of Bold and a Heap of Noteworthy

I'm Kristen Rocco, founder and lead fractional head of content at Bold & Noteworthy Marketing. I help my clients build and sustain a Bold & Noteworthy content brand.

I've been fine-tuning the art and science of content marketing and storytelling and honing my marketing chops for 16 years working with B2B and B2C brands across a slew of sectors (agency life makes you well-rounded like that!). 


I have built and led content functions and developed content strategies for brands in B2B professional services, sales-led SaaS technology, fintech, restaurants, franchising, real estate and mortgage, diversity and inclusion consulting, book content development, and more. I even launched a love storytelling business in the wedding industry and applied the Bold & Noteworthy content brand principles to grow.


I’m great at uncovering audience insights and applying them to create content strategies that differentiate your brand and grow your business. I will help you earn attention, engagement, and sales through distinct and inspired content that brilliantly balances your brand messages with what your audience needs and expects from you–at every step in the customer journey.

Kristen Rocco, Founder of Bold & Noteworthy Marketing

Honored to be Recognized as a Top Content Marketer

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