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How a website content refresh boosted growth and engagement for a technology leader

Explore the strategic content marketing approach I took to refresh a technology leader's website.

As the saying goes, change is the only constant in business. Companies are constantly adding new solutions to their portfolios. Expanding to reach new audiences and geographies. Merging with and acquiring companies. 

Any one of these scenarios presents a need to refresh a website. It’s your digital welcome mat, and you want to be sure it’s up to date. If it doesn’t accurately represent what you do, for whom, how you do it, where you do it, and why you’re the best at doing it, you’re inadvertently turning away business.

CENTEGIX, the leading wearable safety technology company, innovates safety solutions to empower and protect people (every day). In a short time frame, the company made bold and noteworthy moves to supercharge its growth and penetrate new markets. They developed new technology solutions, acquired a company, expanded into new industries, and updated brand messaging to reflect their new market positioning. 

Ripe for a refresh

With these fast-paced brand evolutions, their website was ripe for a content refresh. Their team needed a strategic content partner who could take them from point A, figuring out how to optimize their website with their updated brand and solution story, to point Z, a refreshed website complete with an updated site architecture and copy optimized for results.

My strategic approach to a website content refresh starts with setting goals for the site at large. Then, I help uncover your audiences’ needs and how your solutions solve them, design the overarching customer journey, and conduct an SEO analysis before writing one word of copy.

For CENTEGIX, their desired outcomes fell into four categories:

1. Integrate new solution messaging into the website

2. Optimize the customer journey to deliver a superior web user experience

3. Use storytelling best practices to engage readers and drive quality leads

4. Continue progress on SEO 

A big task–one that I welcomed. I broke it down into two stages. 

Stage 1: Create the new strategic architecture

  • Site structure: I developed a new navigation menu and submenu to make the site easier to navigate and support the new solutions and industries that needed to be integrated into the website.

  • Data-informed optimizations: Looking at existing web data, I was able to draw important insights about designing the on-page experience and internal linking strategy for a successful customer journey.

  • Competitive positioning: Competitive research unveiled how to compete head-to-head on SEO and how to differentiate brand value, messaging, and solutions for stronger message fit with the audience at both a navigation and page level. 

Stage 2: Audience-led storytelling

Next, I tackled refreshing the web content by marrying audience needs with CENTEGIX’s compelling solution benefits, features, competitive advantages, and researched-backed SEO keywords.

I used the AIDA copywriting formula to keep readers reading, using strong headlines to get their attention, empathy to involve their emotions, and helpful information to advance their learning and rational decision-making.

I integrated client testimonials, logos, case studies, and validating metrics to show the power of CENTEGIX’s solutions and the credibility and reputation of the brand. I added transitional and direct calls-to-actions at the right points in the customer journey to make it easy for users to advance to the next step. 

This strategic approach garnered the results that CENTEGIX set out to achieve. 

It’s driving more acquisition traffic through organic search: 

  • Organic search traffic increased by 63% 

  • Search traffic from non-branded keywords is up 63% 

  • Total search impressions grew by 129%

  • Total clicks from search increased by 72%

And it’s doing a better job of educating the audience, piquing their interest, and getting them to take action: 

  • Page views are up 83% and views per user rose 62%

  • Avg. engagement time increased 26%

  • Request demo conversion rates per session increased by 79%

"Collaborating with Kristen on our website refresh was critical to the success of this project. She brought both the strategic content marketing approach we needed to drive messaging that resonates with our audience and the capability to execute it. We appreciated both her structure and her flexibility, meaning that she has a thoughtful structured approach and was flexible with how that needed to work for us to complement the strengths of our internal team.
“The new site has served us well and the bonus is the external praise that we hear about the site. Bottom line: Our updated message is being heard. Our sincerest thanks for a job exceptionally well done!” Mary Ford, chief marketing officer at CENTEGIX.

CENTEGIX didn’t become a technology leader in rapid incident response by coincidence. Its dedication to solving the safety challenges of its customers has informed its strategy and guided its approach. Now, their website amplifies and exemplifies the extent of that impact.

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