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Helping a little fish in a big sea become a sought-after firm

Explore the thought leadership approach I used to get InclusionINC at the helm of an important national conversation.

InclusionINC, an inclusion and diversity consulting firm, challenged my account team to help establish it as market leader in an industry full of monster-sized competitors. In order to do so, I implemented a sustainable thought leadership campaign to generate conversations with all stakeholders including media, and current and prospective clients.


We coined the term "Inclusive Leadership" as a result of conducting a situation analysis and coming to understand that four business trends were signaling a dramatic shift in the leadership style necessary to generate business results and gave InclusionINC a new brand platform called "Inclusive Leader: The New Leadership Standard by InclusionINC." 


With the CEO's thought leadership platform in place, I provided content direction for a new book called Becoming an Inclusive Leader: How to Navigate the 21st Century Global Workforce. I sent the completed book to industry influencers, media, clients and prospective clients.

As a result of my ability to spot trends in the news cycle and creatively craft pitches to align with the types of stories media want to cover, I kept InclusionINC's CEO in the news at least once a week for the three years I managed the account, resulting in over 1,000,000,000 media impressions. The media placements I secured ranged from industry trade media specifically targeted to reach potential clients to national, top-tier press, including Fast Company, FOX Business, Entrepreneur and Wall Street Journal.

The thought leadership campaign garnered speaking opportunities, new business and continued media presence, making the CEO one of the most sought-after industry thought leaders in the face of her monster-sized competitors.

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